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SwimKids: Private Swim Lessons in Utah

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For nearly 30 years, tucked away in a pool in Holladay, SwimKids has been teaching children the confidence and skills they need to be safe and have fun in and around water. Using curriculum created by their founder, SwimKids instructors work one-on-one with students in short, private lessons through 8 levels, and starting as early as age 4 months.

As homeschoolers, we spend a lot of time focused on passionate, quality learning and catering to specific needs and abilities. I met recently with the staff at SwimKids and was impressed that their mission is similarly focused. You will want to check out their website or give them a call, but let me first share with you what I've learned...

I'm starting here because I don't want you to think that if you're not near Holladay, SwimKids is not an option for your family. They are! While they do offer lessons 6 days/week from early morning into the evening at that location, there are other options! 
  • May 1st, a permanent full-lesson schedule will be opening indoors in St. George
  • June-August, lessons are offered in private, heated, outdoor pools in Provo (indoors), Lehi, Midvale, Sandy, & Herriman
  • In Fall 2017, a new SwimKids facility will open in Riverton
  • Other summer locales are a possibility! If you know of a private pool owner interested in opportunities to rent their space, let me know!
The Approach
This is where you will find that SwimKids fits so closely with the ideals that homeschool parents are looking for. The program's founder, local to Utah, had educational background in early childhood development and behavioural psychology when she started looking for a solution to keep her own kids safe near the irrigation ditch running through their backyard. From that very personal and necessary beginning, she's worked to develop a program with a focus on the following:
  • Not just teaching swimming, but life skills through hands-on learning
  • Developing motor skills in the water that also help improve abilities in other areas such as math & reading
  • Teaching kids to have a love for water. Why know how to swim if you hate the water?
  • Showing children to be confident in their abilities so they can help themselves in a water emergency

So how do the lessons work? This is where SwimKids differs from many of the traditional public rec center-style lessons many families have tried before.  With the exception of the infant parent-child group classes, SwimKids provides private one-on-one lessons. And the lessons are only 15 minutes long! Instead of being in the pool for 30 minutes with 10 other kids and only getting 3-4 minutes of individual instruction, SwimKids instructors are 100% focused on your child with a very concentrated lesson plan. It keeps the child's attention and they begin feeling accomplished quickly. Extra bonus? Back to back lessons for all of your kids won't take all day!

Generally a child will take a weekly recurring lesson.  A beginning swimmer typically will complete and advance in 16 lessons, but that is entirely dependent on how quickly they feel comfortable. There is no requirement to set up recurring lessons and the instructors work with your child to advance them as quickly as they are able. There are advanced level lessons to advance into, as well. In addition, there are options to "fast-track" lessons, taking them daily, instead of weekly. 

Lessons can start as young as 4 months, with most students being ages 3-6. But there is no age limit. If you think your child (or even yourself) would benefit from the program, give them a call!  With lessons available year-round from 8am-7pm daily in Holladay and St. George, and from 8-1 in the summer outdoor pools, it will be easy to fit swim lessons in whenever works best for your homeschool routine. 

The Deal
At the time of this writing, the price for 1 lesson is $25 or $85 to schedule 1 month of recurring lessons (4 lessons). Summer outdoor lessons are filling up quickly, so you'll want to register and book your spots as soon as possible.  
  • The 1st 10 people to book before May 10 can save $25. Details below.
  • Everyone who uses the Homeschool Opps & Outings promo code found below will get a free pair of goggles! 
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