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Back to School with Groupon Coupons

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Using Groupon Coupons

If you are following on our Facebook page, it is not a secret that I LOVE Groupon for finding amazing deals on local educational attractions. And it can be a great place to find actual items to buy for school as well. The long and short of it? I hate missing a good deal and I Groupon helps me feel confident that I'm getting the price for the things I want to buy.

A few examples of items we never stop watching? 

The Salt Lake Connect Pass (we got our child's pass for $55!)
Seven Peaks Pass of All Passes (we found ours for less than $11!)

And these currently on sale would be great in the coming year...

Melissa & Doug Wooden Alphabet (Under $10)

But what about deals on items that aren't currently on Groupon? Homeschool parents are masters of multi-tasking. For me that means consolidating whenever and wherever possible. With Groupon Coupons I can use one website I already trust and love to find promo codes and sales on  dozens of retailers I shop at already. Having one place to find the deals saves so much time and money when it's time to do my shopping!

One of my favorite retailers to watch on Groupon Coupons is Abe Books.
cheap homeschool books
As a homeschool parent you are probably very familiar with Abe Books. If not, you defnitely will want to be. Operating as the ultimate online bookstore, they provide a seller place for booksellers around the world, all in one searchable webspace. Looking for reasonably priced textbooks? Check. Have a booklist you want to research and buy all in one sitting? Done. Looking for that favorite out-of-print children's book you remember from your childhood? Probably not a problem. Abe Books is now an Amazon subsidiary, but I much prefer to go straight to their own website. In a special way, it really does feel like thumbing through pages in an brick-and-mortar bookstore, but online.

So you already know you're checking AbeBooks for your school year reading material. Add Groupon Coupons to the routine and you'll save yourself additional money. As I write, there are 32 AbeBooks coupons available to search there. They include:

Promo Code for an Extra $5 off of $20
$3 off an Entire Purchase (Groupon Exclusive)
Children's Books from just $1

Save yourself the time you're spending looking for deals on random search engines. And save yourself the money you're missing not knowing there are extra deals available! Start your next shopping experience on Groupon!
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